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Sunday, October 24, 2010



So what have you grown in your life this summer? We are now moving into the Autumn Equinox and it's time to harvest what we planted in the spring and cultivated over the summer in preparation for the winter.

As Kachina says it's time to further develop what we have created in this time or weed out that which is not coming to fruition and the card today was Truth & Integrity which really matches this sentiment. Be true to yourself and,"Let go of anything inauthentic, and all activities that do not mirror your highest intentions for yourself."

Our lives are like gardens and many of you are familiar with the bible quote that says "You reap what you sow" But what many of us don't understand is that sometimes it turns out we sowed our seeds in the wrong soil, or we didn't tend to it properly or maybe we planted what we thought was one thing and it turned out to be another. Our relationships with others, how we live our lives, and also the projects that we take on can be compared to this. As I sit here and contemplate this I really do see so many ways to compare it in parable form so let me try to explain a few of them, I so wish I had more time to be a better author but let me do what I can....

For one, I have a friend who kinda reminds me of a potato. Last winter he was a good staple to have around and provided my life with much nourishment. But as spring came along the relationship began to rot a bit, other relationships were coming along that were fresher, more satisfying, and this one besides rotting was starting to grow all kinds of ugly appendages similar to the way a potato grows sprouts out of its eyes. Well I knew that those show promise of life so I did what we did back home, cut the potato up so that each section had a sprout and planted them in the ground to grow and left them alone for the summer. This friend now, well he has grown, and we are talking again and making plans for things we want to work on together. I think when I dig up that field I will find lots of fresh whole potatoes to keep us fed over the winter...

Then I thought of Randy, and how I spent my time tending that tree this summer that was being neglected, so I thought, and hoping it would bring me some fruit to keep me this winter. But alas someone else came along and said Oh No! You put this tree in your garden 4 years ago but after just one season you abandoned it and we have laid claim to it and it's fruit, it belongs to us! Mary got concerned when I told her he wasn't going to make this happen as she had seen so she talked to him and she tells me after the fact, and basically he told her that no he does not want to leave the life he has, he may not like it but it's stable, they never leave him and he's become comfortable with it. Sure he loves me and I make him happy but he doesn’t trust me to not pick up and leave him again, that seems to be the pattern of my life he told her and because I have been hurt or angry at the situation this summer so much he feels I am just one text message away from dumping him so yeah he'd rather let them have the fruit from his tree because they stay and wait for it and maybe they break his branches climbing up to take the fruit but at least his tree has life in it. He can't see that I am hurt and angry because I am hungry and he won’t give me his fruit he gives it to them, who wouldn’t be hurt and angry, but he feels I don't deserve it....oh well perhaps I don't deserve his but I deserve someone’s!

So it's time for me to face that the only thing I am going to get from his tree is a little shade now and again, in the winter a place for this bird to sit in the branches, a little companionship once in a while but no fruit, no ring, no living together that belongs to them so I can spend a little time there but I must not spend much or I will remain alone and I don’t want that I want a tree of my own not one who’s fruit all is taken by others. When I first got this tree it wasn’t mature and the fruit was small, not so sweet, since he never made a commitment to me I didn't think I would ever get any lasting satisfaction there, the roots I didn't think were going to stay and I didn't wait around long enough to find out, I had options he wasn’t my last hope and he didn’t love me enough or he would make some real promises I thought. But some relationships take extra time just like some crops so, you can't harvest the first year or so, they take more work.... Then again there are some trees that no matter how much work you put in will never bear fruit, I didn't know which one he was, and dire predictions abounded from friends and family of his so I moved on and put my energy in other places. I kept checking the tree but someone else kept it picked clean. I see now that his roots in my life are deep though, I can sit under this tree and find some contentment and I shall do that. But his fruit is no longer mine and I can't spend all my time sitting here despite how content it makes me feel or I will starve. I must search new trees and put in work in other areas for something that will sustain me. When I need a rest my tree is there and I can be happy that the tree is happy to give his fruit to them. I am glad for him, I want him to be happy and secure.

But not to worry about me, I have so many many different crops in the garden of my life that I am going to have a wonderful winter! I can preserve some of these that turned out the best and they will sustain me for years to come. The ones that spoiled or were no good can be put in the compost bin, one bad apple really can spoil the whole bunch so don't hang onto the bad ones! Or the bad friends! You really do become what you hang around with... Don't keep working on projects that aren't producing or you will end up starving. Don’t keep planting seeds in soil that has become barren, most farmers know to rotate crops to different fields or they wear out the soil, and in forests it's smart to cut down the huge old trees so that new ones can grow, If you don't everything starves or a forest fire comes and wipes it out for new life to sprout. And if you think you can be lazy and not do the work try playing all summer and failing to pull the weeds, you may get a crop but it will be a weak one.

Now my home I live in is like a plot of land, one that I bought at a big risk and tended and worked and toiled. But it has brought me many rich harvests over the years, my son's had a lovely place to grow up, I had many many parties here and many friends came here and also enjoyed this piece of land, many a holiday was celebrated here. But the soil is weak and used up, the fence is falling down and the gate fell off the hinges, I need a smaller field now, with fresh soil, new fencing to protect it, and so it’s time to pull up my roots and transplant them into a new field. I found a house yesterday that I am going to go look at on Friday. It's a rent to own kind of situation but it's more expensive than what I can afford right now. If I want this to work I am going to have to get roommates in 2 of the three bedrooms, and I am going to have to get that promotion I am hoping for, or start earning money with SpiritStones or something. But it's EXACTLY what I want, it's in the area my heart is calling me to, it’s a ranch style, all new and fresh I won't have to work hard to fix it up and from the back deck I can see the bay, the boats and NYC skyline! I never would have even clicked on the ad for it but I answered a CL ad for an apartment and asked also for a small rent to own home.

I talked to a few friends about this and many cautioned me, oh you better just get a small apartment, are you sure you want to go there, this is not a safe investment they say. But then I am reminded of the dream that I had and this looks like it just may be what I envisioned, and heck when I got divorced even my divorce lawyer told me it was foolish but I wanted to try and keep my house, I didn’t want to put my sons in a crappy tiny apartment and I don’t really want to put myself into one now, Smaller and easier, yes but cramped and ugly no. I am going to go look at it, and if its Gods will he will show me how to make it happen....God provided for me in miraculous ways before when I could barely make it, if he wants this for me now he will provide again. I was thinking of this on my way to an event last night and looked up at the temporary plate on the car in front of me it said 10-10--10! That's the date that I had wanted to get married, not going to happen, its the date I then hoped Randy would ask me to marry him, that’s probably not going to happen either........BUT this is MY life and I can use the energy of 10-10-10 for ME for what I want to do for what new plot of land I want to care for and what seeds I want to plant........I can love me and my life no matter who is in it or what harvest they are all bringing to my table. I also planted seeds for this business in the spring, spending money I could not afford and working hard on putting together this fall we can try to sell them and see if we planted good seeds or not, if we put them on good solid or rocky ground.....but hey there is no greater faith than to buy a field, plant a seed, give it some water and some love and see what you get......what's that quote? There is not one single blade of grass that does not have an angel leaning over it saying "grow grow!" Do you think we each are any less than a blade of grass?

Today take a look at what you are harvesting in your life, did you plant the right seeds? Take good care of your plants? Plant on fertile ground? Have your cleared the weeds and the rotten fruit? Maybe you want to move to a new field for next year or maybe you want to re-design the way you are going to plant for next time. Don’t forget to cover the roots well of those perennial favorites either… everything there is a season……enjoy your harvest moon!

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

Turn Turn Turn

People come into your life for
a Reason
a Season
or a Lifetime.

When you know which one it is,
you will know what to do for that person.
When someone is in your life for a REASON,
it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.

They have come to assist you through a difficulty,
to provide you with guidance and support,
to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.
They may seem like a godsend and they are.

They are there for the reason you need them to be.
without any wrongdoing on your part
or at an inconvenient time,
this person will say or do something
to bring the relationship to an end.
Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.
What we must realize is that our need has been met,
our desire fulfilled, their work is done.
The prayer you sent up has been answered
and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON,
because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.
They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it, it is real.
But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons,
things you must build upon in order
to have a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson,
love the person
and put what you have learned to use
in all other relationships and areas of your life.
It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Thank you for being a part of my life,
whether you were a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime.



What a lovely weekend I have had I truly do have a wonderful life! It started off on Thursday when I went to go see Beth for a Reiki treatment. I was really in need of an energy burst and a healing after the pain of Randy, I am tired of sneaking about and living this way and I am tired of living with secrets and lies even if he's the one who's telling them I can't tell my friends about who I am with and that's so against who I am. I don't lie and I am not going to now, I have always been one to advise my meetup friends that if you date there's no reason to tell everyone in the first few months, but after that if one wants to keep it secret then they don't care enough about you and you aren't valuing yourself if you allow it.

But anyway back to my treatment. Beth told me it was time for me to open the gate and start using my powers. I told her I didn't really want to because it really is true, with great power comes great responsibility.  I am not ready to do this yet, not until I have a man in my life who can ground me I told her. She said she gets that but still its time to open it up, so standing outside saying good bye I said OK I will, and we talked of how she knew she was called to live where she is to bring healing and I said yep that's why I am called to Keyport...she said you know it really could be two more years before you have your mate. So not fair I tell her, but he would just distract you from your work she told need to make some more female friends she reminded me, oh you know I have few of them, so many are so catty ya know...not all she said give it some thought....

That night sitting at the computer I smelled cigarettes smoke in my face, I knew it was Gus, my ex-husband. The reason I knew this was because he came around when I was dating Randy and that's how he got my attention. So I said out-loud, what do you want and why are you still here after I sent you away? In my head I hear: I have something to tell you. Oh all right what I said tersely...but there was nothing else, it was if one of my protectors had whisked him away. Mary said he used to tell her that he liked Randy for me, said he was comfortable for me, then again he's a young soul and not prone to looking at the big picture yet...

Friday was the big day! My friends came and picked me up for our big camping trip to Cape May. I tell you I was in heaven all weekend! First off I did NOT have to drive! And Stacey and Lucy were so sweet and so kind, we all thought of each other and got along well and helped one another. Heck I turned my back and my bags were loaded and unloaded! The cabin stayed clean and I didn't have to pick up after anyone else! A start contrast to the overflowing garbage and the sink full of dishes I came home to!

This whole trip was full of caring loving working together people. Everyone brought food, cooked, cleaned contributed, worked together. No one came and sat on their behinds with an empty plate held out. (not that they too would not have been fed), but I think I was in heaven! I just had to sit down at the big community dining table (we had at least 50 campers in our group) and food was put in front of me! Most of this group the people are from eastern PA and they remind me so of going back home to Ohio, where people actually still cook meals and you sit down and food is placed before you, tons and tons and tons of really good food homemade food too. I kept going over and hugging Eric the leader thanking him.

There was plenty of entertainment too, one night we went for a dolphin watching cruise that was amazing. I tossed a couple SpiritStones into the water and I swear they jumped a bit more wiggling thier tails in gratitude for the extra energy. We also had campfires to sit around, card games to play, one guy brought a karaoke set up complete with disco lights so we could sing and dance in the woods! Hey you didn't think I went wilderness camping did ya? No our cute little cabin had beds, a fridge, AC and even a TV! The only bad thing was getting up and walking down to the restroom in the night. I don't know which trip was worse, the middle of the night one where I woke up with a leg cramp or the post-dawn one where I'd had to go past the row of cabins and many friends were up saying good morning Cassie and I didn't want to wake up yet.  Not all had cabins though some had campers and some had tents. I sure miss my camping next husband I truly hope loves camping. I even had a whisper in my ear of someone I bet ya was his grandma again saying: tell him to buy a campground, run it and snowmobile in winter when closed--i texted him that and got an Oh and a feeling he didn't want me planning his life..

Saturday we went to Wildwood board walk and I got a palm reading, she told me pretty much the same as all the others, that Randy loves me and we will grow old together but it will be two more years at least  until we are together, but she did tell me to trust him. I did text him that later and said wish I understood why-- he said maybe sooner........well your maybe always seem to be no's now days I told him. I went to go sing karaoke and the next song was "Lucille", and I knew that he was staying cuz he thinks they need him to support them. I thought well maybe she is mentally or physically handicapped in some way and needs him to support her and her kids....but later walking back to sleep someone whispered in my ear (probably his grandma) Tell him to stop working two jobs and paying all the bills and she'll leave fast. I thought about sending him that message and then recalled how I felt he didn't want me telling him what to do and I said to the spirit or who ever YOU go tell him yourself, he can hear you the same as I can I got my own life to worry about! And I do too! And work to help others too, people who need help not people who are capable of doing for themselves and are just lazy.

I did a lot of angel card readings saturday night too, and at the end of each reading I charged an SpiritStone with a special intention. It was very very rewarding and funny how basically we all have the same questions, job, kids, love......and basically the same or similar answers. For jobs it was set an intention and follow signs, for kids it was to let them go (most of us are 40s/50's) and trust we raised em right, for love it was to forgive the past and our ex'es..... I did have one challenge though, one lady watched the readings and paid very close attention and finally asked: I am an Atheist is it possible to read me she said? Well I thought about it and she could tell I was looking for a sincere and thoughtful reply for her and I said well I personally believe in God and the Angels and when I get my messages for you I feel they come from there, but I read for all faiths and I tell them to feel the answers come from whatever higher power they believe in, so what do you believe in:, where do you think all this (motioning around the woods and trees and stars and people) where do you think this came from? She said she believes in science, and she thinks the big bang created all of this. OK well if you want a reading I am more than happy to read you and when I say the angles you stick in whatever you want OK? She was happy with that and also her reading and I think she beamed as much as anyone when I gave her SpiritStone to her after wards.

This morning getting ready to come home and saying our good byes I thought wow this is community, loving caring people all working together to help each other. I so wish it was this way now in real life, instead of everyone having a hand out wanting to take and not thinking enough of what they can give. I see too that I do have to find my King, the one who is going to work side by side with me to help many instead of just a few..... But for now I must keep going on alone.... I came home to a pile of dirty dishes, garbage overflowing and the furniture not brought in from the rain as I had asked of my son. I called Verizon and had his phone turned off till he does his fair share around here. Its gonna be lonely with out my kid but its time to cut the strings and let him grow up and be more responsible.

I did get a text from Randy, and we texted back and forth some, saying how lonely he was at Sandy Hook , go home to your "wife" I told him summers over......You dumping me he asked? Let me know when you are free from her I said right now I don't know what I am doing I texted..........and I don't but I do know I am going to be real, I am not going to lie and I am not going to sneak around with a man who's got a pretend wife and hungry kids who need him (ir use him), and I am going to grow and I am going to be a helper to the one's who deserve it and leave the selfish ones behind, brushing the dust of them off my feet and going onward on my path.....

Today take a look around your life and see who needs a helping hand, a little time a little attention. Also take a look and see who's taking and not giving anything back even if they are able bodied. Are they using the tools God gave them or are they sitting there next to a pile of lumber, a box of nails and hammer and wondering when someone's going to take them in and provide for them? Rough times are coming, we must all work together and we must get on those who have lazed around too long.......everyone needs to help one another and everyone needs to do their fair share...

With Love and in the Light, Cassie


PS almost forgot
made many close girlfriends this weekend, and got even closer to some I already had
and the lady who read my palms turns out she know all about the stones and liked my business.. I gave her a card and offered her some free blog space to give online readings and also teach you all about the stones....its all about community--when you give you receive, when you take you loose...

this is me with my cabin mates
and my wild gal pals

More My Perfect Mate

I was remembering a section of Fearless Loving and recalled how that book starts out with make a list of 101 things you want in your perfect for you I am going to keep adding more...I hope you are doing the same!

We will communicate well with one another, listening in a loving way and working out solutions to our problems with mutual and fair compromises when necessary to resolve any conflicts

We will like the same foods, the same home decor, the same room temperature

He will like going to the movies and drive in with me and I will enjoy some of his favorite hobbies also

He is a generally happy person and we make each other laugh often and much

we will give each other good back rubs when we need it, care for one another when we are ill

I like a guy a bit younger..... and in good health

I want us to visit all the national parks together, and then start on Europe!

He will not leave the toilet seat up or dirty dishes all over the house and will take out the garbage with out being asked

We will buy each other little thoughtful gifts, like new underwear or just one flower or his favorite ice cream or my favorite lemonade, and maybe a nice card for no reason just to say I love you or leave a nice note---show love by giving

Our life will always be full of friends and family and fun but also lots of fun times just us alone together too

He will like to do the driving, be able to fix things around the house, take good care of the things we own and i will keep our things clean and orderly

we will put each others wants and needs before our own

he will call me and text me often when we are apart, not in a clingy way but just to stay connected

we will stay fit and active into our old age so we can play with our grandchildren

ok that's enough for here-------but I will continually add to my soul mate photo album, even after i get him to attract things for US-----please feel free to take and use any pictures that I find and you like--- i love to share!

Job Interview - You passed the test!

card today is Freedom! express your true feelings with love

and try to not make dating like a job interview or test the person too much....i know i made that mistake the first time around with Randy, probably part of the reason he doesn't trust me this time *sigh* i think the only thing harder than changing is convincing someone else that you really only do have one chance to make a good first impression....then again true love is like a river, when it reaches an obstacle it just carves a new path and never dries up..

Job Interview - You passed the test!

My Perfect Mate

My Perfect Mate

He will love me to the very depths of his soul and I will him

We will have a wonderful and romantic sex life with lots of passion

He will embrace and share my spirituality

Our union will be a blessing and a service to others

We will have a peaceful union and never raise our voices or speak meanly to one another

We will share a peaceful and well kept home with a cat or two
and all the kids and grand-kids over for vacations and holidays and family dinners

Our lives will be a perfect balance of work/rest/play/friends/alone time

He will help me to grow my business

We design and build a life together that we never could have built alone, we inspire and encourage and bring out the best in each other.

No smoking, drugs or alcohol, eat healthy, exercise we will help each other take better care of our bodies in a loving non-judgmental way

We will have spaces in our togetherness for other friends and hobbies without pain or jealousy

Anything I forgot that God knows I want or need for both of our highest goods and the good of the collective

The purpose of marriage is, what is not my grace, she should bring it to me. What is not her grace, I should bring it to her. Yogi Bhajan

“And when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the others sight even for a moment.”–Plato 2,500 years ago.

He will wear a silly couples costume with me for Halloween



OK next step in finding your mate that I want to share with you is what I learned at an attracting your soul mate workshop I took. It's funny but just before my Mystery Man came back into my life I and my friends Shani and Victor were hanging out at my house one night after a full moon ceremony. We somehow got on the topic of finding our mates and she reminded me of this workshop she and I attended together, and she said and it worked for Cassie. Vic being ever the skeptic said oh yeah sure it looks like it worked why is she still alone now? I told him that yes I had attracted the perfect man within a week of taking this workshop but sadly I had left a really important thing out and they had warned about that in the workshop, if you don't ask for it you won't get it she cautioned. What I left out it never even occurred to me to put down, it was a given in my book. The big thing that I left out was: I want a man to sleep with me at night and hang out with me sometimes and be my friend, to me if he loved me that would be a given.

Now my Mystery Man, the one I've been talking about all along is the guy the workshop brought me, and oddly enough its the very place that I met Mary, my spiritual adviser. I have decided that the things that I forgot to ask for and didn't get weren't really that important anyway so this is why I was back on this path offering him myself again. But this time I saw that he just doesn’t want me badly enough. I guess he needs to make his own list on what he wants for his life, and if that includes a real wife instead of pretend one--who knows it's all up to him in the meantime I need to get my new list ready. So let me tell you about the workshop....

She had us take a poster board and magazines and start putting on pictures and phrases of our perfect for us mate. You can do this with any medium you choose, my new one I have done with photos and graphics off the internet and photo shopped sayings onto them and I am hoping to one day put them all in a power point with busy I am though.....for now I will just share my photo bucket link in progress:

Anyway she said put pictures of how you want him or her to look, what you want to do together, all sorts of stuff and a list. I put some great poems on mine too. My friends teased me cuz I had it on the back of my bedroom door and they said what if you get lucky and bring a man to your room. Well if he gets this far I want to keep him I told them and he won’t laugh at this! Now granted I had already met my Mystery Man online, three months prior, and he had called me and wrote to me and pursued me for awhile but I told him no because I thought I was not what he wanted. I tried to help him to find someone else to date while I pursued this other guy. But one day I had my MM come take me hiking, to make the other guy jealous. Yes yes I know I know...but this was 4 years ago! Before SpiritStones before I evolved this far..... My guy he loved me so he came and he gave me the hugest hug when we met and I well I just felt safe with him, like family, like home....we had a lovely day hiking and cuddling on my couch afterwords. He told me of how he kept getting signs that pointed him to me, and visions of us together and that's why he didn’t give up on me.....

But anyway back to the workshop. The other things you also have to do are clean out and clear out your life and your home, mentally AND physically. Get rid of what you don’t need, what’s not working, what doesn’t fit. Clear it out and make room for the new. Also you have to love yourself, treat yourself well, take yourself to dinner, and write positive affirmations to yourself. At the same time you can take a look and fix yourself up some, and your home too, a new blouse or haircut or a new paint job or carpet shampoo will do much to change the vibration of your soul.

Lastly ask yourself, are you really ready? I mean really? I am convinced that 85% or even more who are out there on the dating sites don't really want to find anyone, not yet anyway. They have other things that are more important to do first, they are afraid of picking one, they want more money they want the kids to grow up first, they want to take that trip first, get that promotion, they want more ME time before they are ready to share themselves. Or sometimes they just aren’t sure yet what exactly they want and they are hoping they will know it when they see it. Well that can happen but the odds are greater against it. I tell all my single friends first figure out what you want to do with your life, then you figure out who would fit in that life and then you will find them.

Well I have done all my work. I defined me and I defined who I want and what kind of life I want. Now to just wait for the Ying to my Yang! My other half, my soul mate and partner. I still think Randy is my twin flame but he has chosen to stay with her and her kids so he can play and enjoy and have the freedom he thinks I will take from him. I won’t I have plenty of stuff to do too but truly he's not ready, I am so we will just have to pass this lifetime over and meet again on some other distant shore. My readings all told me that if I don't end up with him the possibilities for me really are without limitations. And funny enough I am going camping this weekend with a group of over 100 meetup people, and if that’s not enough my friend is at a fireman's convention down there and promised to introduce me around! OMG! It's going to be raining men for me to choose from, like my friend Deborah says go PICKY you a new one!!

So are you ready for love????????? If so do these steps and watch the universe rain possibilities on you!

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

Raining Men

PS I am gone for the weekend starting at noon tomorrow, won’t be doing angel cards or blogs…enjoy the weekend, get out and Play! (angle card today) winters coming soon… now and do this work so you have someone to keep you warm when the snow comes….

Check out my blogs for twin flames/soul mates for other helpful info for u to find one
I add stuff here love love we all need our loves! Twin Flames/Soul Mates